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Shrove Sunday

Last Sunday we celebrated Shrove Sunday, instead of Shrove Tuesday. The aim of the day was for our friend Muri to raise money for his forthcoming London Marathon and I was recruited to help with pancake fillings, savoury pancake fillings.

Now, when I have talked to people here in London savoury pancakes seem to be less popular than their sweet contemporaries but the Shrove Tuesday events I used to go to in Cape Town always had a couple of savoury options and one of them was always a bolognaise. I think the idea behind it all was to fill everyone up with something more substantial so they would not have room for a lot of ‘all you can eat’ pancakes.

So, bolognaise was one filling, what else? It had to be a spinach and ricotta filling of some sort. The first time I came to London, I lived in flat above a bagel shop in Golders Green with my cousins and a couple of guys. They were heady days of endless parties and not very much sleep, we didn’t have the time, the space or the equipment to do much cooking – my obsession with cooking came later. My obsession with food however, was already well developed and so, I ate out a lot. My favourite place during this time was a little Italian restaurant around the corner – they got to know us really well and I would go there, order and have a glass of wine with them while I waited for the food to come. I had everything on the menu, but my absolute favourite was their Crespolini, spinach and ricotta filled pancakes – they were so good. I lived on them. If I was doing pancakes, I was doing spinach and ricotta pancakes.

Armed with my bolognaise and crespolini fillings, I hot footed it over to Muri’s to help set up. In the end we had cinnamon sugar, bananas, honey, lemon juice, nutella, almonds, chocolate sprinkles and a pretty large pile of pancakes which Muri had been slaving over for a good many hours. The veteran pancake eaters paced themselves well, managing to fit one of everything in. Those new to the game made a few critical errors – too much bolognaise and crespolini leaves no room for nutella and cinnamon sugar – but lessons were definitely learned for next time.  There will be a next time won’t there?


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